Susan Odella


Lyric Credits: Susan Odella
Music Credits: Susan Odella
Producer Credits: Susan Odella
Publisher Credits: Plutonia Productions
Performance Credits: Studio
Long Song Description:
A fun dance tune about wanting a brand new life!
Song Length: 3:58
Primary Genre: Pop-Dance
Secondary Genre: Electronic-Dance
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Mood 1: In High Spirits
Similar Artist 1: Meghan Trainor
Language: English
Another day begins in the land of the free
What harm can it do - stay in bed another minute or three
Untangle me - responsibility
I'd really like a clone to take over for me

CHORUS - I wanna new life, and a new identity
I wanna maid and a butler and a chef to take care of me
I wanna man who looks like Usher - To hold and leave me flustered
A rosy blush upon my cheeks - And a shiny little luster
I wanna new life - No more practicality
Just a lot more sensuality

Wishing faster now like a tantalizing demon
Whispering in my ear with the voice of Morgan Freeman
I hear the ping, ping, ping, ping, ping coming from the Bank of Sweden
Funds are flowing through my hands as I reach to plug my dream in


I wanna new life - I wanna I wanna new life - I wanna new life - Repeat I wanna