Susan Odella

THINK ABOUT IT (Artist Flava Hype Co-write)

Lyric Credits: Flava Hype
Music Credits: Susan Odella
Performance Credits: Flava Hype
Label Credits: Production by ODELLA
Song Length: 1:58
Primary Genre: Rap-Hip Hop
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Language: English
You're barking up the wrong tree. Allow me to welcome you/
I'm just the first of many. Wait 'til you see what everyone else can do.
It's not just a game's real life/
Tell me, what's a bee sting compared to a shark bite? (Think about it)!
You ain't never seen this level of comp/
Bringin' heavyweight heat that is breakin' yo sunblock.
For every move you make, we got that counter/
Everything we do is wet. We don't mess around with that powder. (Think about it)!
My squad been ready since day zero/
While you were cryin' over Lion King and trying to find Nemo.
We know what you thinkin' because we been where you at/
This ain't no interview, we're finishing you...Mortal Kombat! (Think about it)!
Ain't nothing between us but opportunity/
You got no class and I swim solo so, ain't no schoolin' me.
It's only gon' be a matter of time/
Before the tick mark in that win column becomes mine. (Think about it)!
Oh, you really think you prepared/
You love it as a hobby. I love it as my career!
Here we go, toe to toe for all the marbles. Let's get it/
You happy to just compete, I won't be happy 'til I win it! (Think about it)!
('Cause we faced this test before. Think about it!
And now, you're coming back for more? Think about it!
This ain't gon go well for you.
Never gon be even with me, so you gon stay number two. Think about it!)