Susan Odella

RIDIN' ON IT (Remix)-Flava Hype

Lyric Credits: Susan Odella and Flava Hype
Music Credits:
Producer Credits:
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Flava Hype
Label Credits: Remix Production by Tom Carlisle-Chicago
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 4:10
Primary Genre: Electronic-Dance
Secondary Genre: -
INTRO - Got a lot ridin' on it.

Prosperity - disparity - I'm looking for some clarity
Got the tools - shoot the rules - no hand out for your charity
Took a chance - freelanced - gambled with my finance
Cash advance - melting fast - tryin' like hell to make it last.
(Hook): 2X
(Got a lot ridin' on it - Got a lot ridin' on it - I got a lot ridin' on it - yeah, I got a lot ridin on it. Gotta, g-gotta, g-gotta...).
Verse 1:
Got an appetite - I'm always up before the light.
Now that I'm addicted - kinda sick for the fight.
No one here to listen - if I play the victim
Breaking through the barriers in total commitment
Planting seeds for media - high up in the clouds
Pushing past the tedium - struggling thru the crowds
All around me medium - Me? I'm livin' large
Radiating helium - hiding all my scars.
They only see what I allow them to see, though.
I'm trying to get a couple million of them C-notes.
Putting in work when ain't nobody here.
The hours, the days, the months, the years.
It's all on me...that's for certain.
My eyes on the prize while I shoulder that burden.
I'm pushing all my chips...going all in.
Even without a GPS I'll find a way to win.
(Hook): <4X plus ad libs>
Verse 2:
Coming up from dust - coming up for air
Making my escape - can't breathe down there.
Family left behind as I climb all the stairs.
Wanna make them proud and do it loud because I care.
Not getting very far - traveling by car
Drive-thru - Caribou - risky salad bars
Avoiding pricey airplanes - hotels with 5 stars
Dreaming shades of Gucci and snacks of caviar.
I keep imagining the fruits of my labor.
Work hard now and play with it all later.
I envision extreme success.
And at times, debatably deemed the best.
I at least wanna leave a lasting legacy.
I'll be the one to manifest my own destiny.
If it's for the "W", "I" am "N"
Even if I'm "N" the "ER" I still have a grin! [Letters spell "WINNER"]
(Hook): <4X with ad libs>
Verse 3:
Hoping for a contract that no one can compare.
When I sign the dotted line - gettin paid fair and square.
Align me - define me - just like a millionaire
Play the game - claim the fame - then collect my share.
I faked money to make money - now I'm danglin' from a limb.
Never letting go until Karma reels me in.
I lived the straight and narrow - only entry-level sin.
Hangin' tight - with all my might - now, I'm on the way to win.
You see the success, but won't know the struggle
because I won't let you bustas in my bubble.
I'ma be the pioneer of my family to do it.
Poppin a bottle of that 1st place fluid.
Second place doesn't get a trophy.
And if somebody wants it more than me, they gotta show me.
I'm all about disproving that doubt.
My success will reign because I'm tired of the drought!