Susan Odella

BEYOND THE SUN (Vocal Version)

Lyric Credits: Susan Odella
Music Credits: Susan Odella
Producer Credits:
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Studio
Label Credits:
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Song Length: 3:16
Primary Genre: Electronic-Experimental
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Fast (151 - 170)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later
VERSE - Riding on the rays of light - Hanging on with all my might
Looking back 'til I was out of sight
Left before you thought I'd go - Slipping through the undertow
Winding round my windy rodeo

CHORUS - Beyond the Sun - Beyond the Moon
There lies a place awaiting you
Lovingly celestial - I'll Be There
Cast a spell - Weave a dream
You'll wander on so seamlessly
Meandering the Heavens - I'll Be There

Lovingly celestial - I'll Be There
Meandering the Heavens - I'll Be There

VERSE - Had no chance to say goodbye - Was speeded through - a quiet sigh
The song you sang was just my lullabye
My wings gave me the way to fly - The tears I shed were almost dry
Our words unsaid - we cannot wonder why

CHORUS - Make a wish upon a star and I will grant it from afar
I'll be there to guide my avatar

Lovingly celestial
Meandering the Heavens - I'll Be There.