Susan Odella
"SHINE"(Radio Remix) - National Dance/Crossover Chart - 2018 Top 40

11 Songs in DISCOVERY/TLC/E!, etc. catalogues/14 contracts with networks -4 Songs-Crucial Music + many others

"FIRE" - 2018 UK Songwriting Contest Winner!!

2018 - Dallas Songwriting Contest - 2 WINNERS!!

"I'll Be There"- 2016 UK Songwriting Contest Winner (EDM)

UK Contest 2018-Selected by Mark Cawley for a 1-hour Skype Session!

Member of The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers.

SongwriterUniverse Contest-Top 5-"I'm Yours - 2020; "Fire"-2018; "Somewhere After Time"-Jan.2018; "Hang On"-July 2017;"Fallen II"-April 2017,"Ordinary Day"-2016

17 Songs-Women of Substance Radio & songs on Outbound Music Radio.

Quote from Pro: Susan Odella is a talented songwriter who in my opinion will have an impact in both commercial pop and music for movies and television. (Robert Dellaposta)

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I'M YOURS-Instr. (Ft. Vanja)
MADE ME MORE (Country/Rock Version)