Susan Odella

SHINE (Pop/Featuring Evan) FALLEN (Featuring Evan's Harmony)
GRAVITY-Country Version STRONG (Country-Male Vocalist)
I WANNA (Pop/Featuring Chelle) Back To You (Acoustic Demo)
BACK TO YOU (Lambert/Odella Co-Write) RESTLESS SPIRITS (Nat. Am. Flute/Piano Instrumental)
LIES IN THE DARK (Pop-Female Vocalist) GOT IT (EDM Instrumental)
LOW-KEY (Hip Hop Instrumental) SWEET SCARLETT (Lounge/Female Vocalist)
SEPTEMBER (Classical Instrumental) THAT RING (Singer/Songwriter)
ONE UP (Hip Hop Instrumental) TWINKLE (Female Vocalist)
UNBROKEN (Instrumental) I'LL BE THERE (Pop/Female Vocalist)
MARCH OF DEFIANCE 2017 (Instrumental) DARK LOVE (Instrumental)
WORTH WAITING FOR (Falgares/Odella Co-Write) ALL FIRED UP (Instrumental)
YOU AND ME (Falgares/Odella Co-Write) GRAVITY
CHAOS (Instrumental) MY HEART HURTS (Female Vocalist)
HERE IN MY HEART (Featuring Amber/Soundtrack) Gravity II (Short Instrumental)
BAD GIRL (Featuring Camille Rae) NOT ENOUGH (Hood/Odella Collaboration)
TOO MANY FEELINGS (Pop/Alt/Indie-Male Vocalist) LEMME GET BACK TO YOU (Featuring Aiden)
IS IT ALWAYS GOING TO BE LIKE THIS? (Falgares/Odella) UNTIL I FIND YOU (Falgares/Odella Collab.)
LEARNING THE HARD WAY (Rock-Falgares/Odella) TAKE ME BACK (Country/Female Vocalist)
COLORS OF THE BRAVE (Rock/Male Vocalist) CALLING IN (R & B/Featuring Evan)
ORDINARY DAY II (Pop/Male Vocalist) SOMEWHERE AFTER TIME (Pop/Featuring Kelsey)
TODAY IS A GOOD DAY (Underscore Instrumental) UNTIL THE NEXT TIME (Chillwave/Female Vocalist)
I'LL BE THERE (Pop/EDM Instrumental) CALL ME (Cover Song)
FINE II (Featuring Camille Rae) JUST TONIGHT (EDM-Female Vocalist)
FREE (R&B/Featuring Evan) CHILL (Instrumental)
YOUR GUITAR (Folk-Rock/Female Vocalist) SYNCHRONICITY (Classical Instrumental)
HANG ON (Piano Instrumental) THE RAVEN II (Piano/Nat. Am. Flute)
MAKE THIS PLACE BEAUTIFUL (Falgares/Odella) Feat. Evan FINE III (Country-Acoustic w/Camille Rae)
LIVING ON YOU (Country-Falgares/Odella) SHIFTING SHADOWS (Gladstone Avenue/Odella Collab.)
ANGEL OF MY SOUL (Gladstone Avenue/Odella Collab.) FINE (Featuring Camille Rae)
ORDINARY DAY (Male Vocalist/Pop-Alt) BEST FRIEND (ElectroPop/Featuring Jemma)
I ONLY SING FOR YOU (Country/Featuring Sam) ONCE AGAIN (Indie Folk/Female Vocalist)
WHO KNEW (Indie Pop/Female Vocalist) WANTCHA (Electronic Instrumental)
WINTER BLACK (Piano/PedalSteel/Classical) NIGHTFALL (Piano/Dobro Instrumental)
TELL ME (Pop/Alternative-Female Vocalist) THE RAVEN-HIP HOP/NEW AGE
MUCKED UP (Unique Instrumental) SHADOW ANGELS (New Age/Instrumental)
KICK SOME BRASS (Instrumental) NO SHAME (R & B/Hip Hop Instrumental)
BEHIND EVERY NAME (Soundtrack Instrumental) SERAPHINA (New Age/Serene)
THE 13TH SIGN (Soundtrack Instrumental) THE RETURN (Instrumental/Soundtrack)
DARK HORSE (Electronic/Rap Tones) NECRONIZE (Eerie/Instrumental)
FREEWHEELING (Latin Instrumental) ACQUISITION (Hip Hop Instrumental)
Take Me Back (Country/Instrumental) ZIP IT AND SMILE (Instrumental)
SEVEN MINUTES (Female Vocalist) ALL IN YOUR HEAD (Instrumental)
HYPERTENSIVE (Instrumental) ARISOTA (Instrumental-World)
QUANTICO (Soundtrack Instrumental) DRONE (Soundtrack Instrumental)
THE RAVEN DEFINE ME (Pop/Alternative-Female Vocalist)
WHERE DO YOU GO (Female Vocalist) MYSTIC JOURNEY (Keith Secola/Randy Kemp)
REDEMPTION (Dramatic Instrumental) RIDIN' HIGH (Fast Instrumental)
Rainbow All I'm Asking
DARKNESS (Piano/Pedal Steel Guitar Instrumental) THE WOLF (Instrumental/Soundtrack)