Susan Odella


Lyric Credits: Susan Odella
Music Credits: Susan Odella
Producer Credits: Susan Odella
Publisher Credits: Plutonia Productions
Performance Credits: Susan Odella-Production/Sundown Sessions Studio Vocalist and Mix
Label Credits: Mastered by Infrasonic/Dave Gardner
Long Song Description:
This song was one of 148 Semi-Finalists in the Pop/Top 40 category of the International Songwriters Competition, which had a total of 16,000 entries worldwide.
Song Length: 3:51
Primary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Similar Artist 1: Ed Sheeran
Language: English
Chaos on the streets - Madness movin' in
Man down on the corner from drinkin' his gin
Stray dog stands shivering - Bones and skin
Everywhere you look - Sadness within

CHORUS - Too many feelings - and Too little time
Though I try to be strong - Deep inside it's so wrong
Want to let it all go - But it just seems to grow
A never-ending heartache show
Too many feelings - Too many feelings

War-torn veterans trying to heal
Vendors on the street cooking up a deal
Teens out flaunting their sex appeal
All taking drugs so it won't feel real


BRIDGE - I'd just like to take a break from it all
The greed and the lust - Celebrity brawl
The heroes we trusted - Their rise and their fall
From clay feet to dust - No longer stand tall